David Adams was born in Irvine, KY and spent most of his pre-teen years in Stanton, KY. He was  no stranger to relocating and throughout his life, he has resided in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and Maryland.  As a child, he possessed a love of sports, but developed a specific fondness for baseball, in which he excelled.  It was during his junior year of high school, when he joined the school choir, that he “discovered his voice”.  David understood the power of his vocal instrument but had yet to learn the impact that it would have on others.  His appreciation for athletics and music functioned as an outlet and focal point, allowing him to keep his thoughts from focusing on the issues in his life that he found deeply problematic.

As a young, adult man, David considered himself an atheist, as he doubted the existence of God, due to the fact that he had never physically seen anything that he validated as proof of a loving, caring God.  He found himself sinking in the dark seas of pornography and alcohol addictions that overpowered his will and beat him down.  However, he retained the mentality that nothing or no one was greater than him.  Because of this, he unfortunately kept himself closed off from others, mostly due to his trust issues.  The chains of his past kept David “bound and shackled in dark places that no one knew existed.”  

As it does to all of us at one point or another, David’s spiral left him at rock bottom, surrounded by desolate brokenness.  It was then, at his lowest point, that David finally allowed someone to destroy the walls that he spent so many years building with layered steel…Jesus Christ.  As David’s relationship with Jesus Christ progressed, he found himself asking how such a loving, perfect God could love someone so flawed that had “spit in His face so many times”.  David had to learn what it was like to be truly loved, and through Christ, he was eventually able to love himself.  The beginnings of this newfound relationship had blemishes and hiccups as David patiently allowed the Lord to transform him from the inside out.  It was during this time that David recognized that his voice is a gift from God, and he used his instrument to sing the love of Jesus.  God patiently and diligently turned David into the worshipper that he is today.

Today, David resides in a small, Appalachian town with his beautiful wife Patty.  Together they have four children, Joe, Stephanie, Kody, and Laci, as well as five completely adored grandchildren, Maddox, Samiyah, Kairi, August, and Rue.  (Isn’t it completely shocking that someone so young and hip could have grandchildren??) David spends his time ministering of God’s love throughout Kentucky, leading the church to revival.  A call twenty years in the making has unfolded, “leading a lost and broken generation back to the Father, showing that the same love that found him could find them as well.”  David is a true testament to God’s forgiveness and ability to qualify those He calls to spread His word.


David is a prophetic worshiper. He has been anointed to lead the Body of Christ to the Throne Room of God through praise and worship. His hands have been gifted to play the piano and guitar. His voice anointed for not only singing, but flowing in the prophetic. He has spent many years touring with his bands and even opened for big names such as Casting Crowns, but his heart is for worship. To just sit at his piano and lift up the name of Jesus, to pour out his heart to God and to be in that intimate place leading us all in worship to our Creator. It is this setting that David’s light shines the brightest, because this is the place God has anointed Him for bringing His people into the unity of the Spirit and into one accord. David, a man after God’s own heart.

-James Ellet - Senior Pastor of J&M Ministries and Hope on the Hill James Ellett

David Adams is a great, seasoned, mature worship leader. He can be trusted to lead a song service in almost any audience. And, though he probably won’t do any damage to a subdued congregation because he’s gifted, wise, and loving...he can still be counted on to raise the roof and bring a dance to the Holy Ghost maniacs. Adams is a friend of mine. He has assisted me in ministry events and I have been mighty pleased with those times together. I’m sure you will too. 

-Shane Pippin - Lead Pastor LexHop